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Frequently Asked Questions

I notice you do a lot of ocean and travel photography, would you do any other shoots?

It's true that a majority of my work involves some form of wanderlust, but I can do almost any shoot per request including but not limited to: couples, maternity, senior pictures, and short videos.

How far are you willing to travel for shoots?

If you fully discuss a set itinerary with me and are willing and able to cover travel costs or provide another form of compensation, I would love to travel as far as you'd like.  If you aren't keen on travel costs, just keep updated on my social media!  I travel frequently and may be near you sometime in the near future

How do you charge for your services?

This is negotiable.  I charge hourly and require a 50% deposit (fully refundable if plans change) but pricing depends on what the shoot requires (special equipment, location, etc.)

Please remember that I want to make you as happy as possible with your products, so contact me and describe everything you want or need to achieve the best possible shoot!  Email me or message me on one of my social media pages to get started.

My pricing is competitive and fair, and once we have discussed every aspect and are in agreement, head over to my booking tab and submit your final request there.

What info should be provided to book you?

I will need an email to correspond to you, and the 50% down payment can be paid via PayPal or mail-in check.  The rest is payable in cash or card in person after the shoot is done, in case we go overtime or get cut short.

How far in advance should I book with you?

The more prepared you are for a shoot—or willingness to discuss with me for said shoot—simple appointments could take place within the same week as the original booking.  That being said, if you have an elaborate plan with more required of me but are willing to cover travel costs (if necessary) and possibly pay extra for a rush job, so be it.  Typically, you should still plan for a month or two in advance to be safe and prepared.

How long does it take for my pictures to come in?

Depending on what your pictures require, a usual 2-3 weeks minimum and 5-6 weeks maximum wait time until your final products are sent to you.

Prints will take longer, especially if they need to be framed or on special paper, and your desired level of editing will also be taken into account.  Don't worry, this will still be explicitly discussed during the booking process.

Who & what influences your work?

Life.  I'm inspired by visions of true life that shows through pictures, including those of many photographers (too many to name)

For this reason, I will NEVER keep or publish any of your photos you don't like, and I don't force you to do anything you're uncomfortable doing in these shoots.

Do you have a second photographer for larger shoots?

Unfortunately, it's just me right now, so as hard of a worker I strive to be, keep that in mind if your plans involve extremely large weddings or sites.

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